#9087 MIL-1 Blucher Oxford

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Dress Up! With the new 9087 MiL-1 Blucher Oxford we are now offering a new oxford silhoutte that can be worn on both very elegant occasions, but also as a sturdy everday-shoe. The 9087 was prior only available in Japan and we’re very pleased to now welcome this beautiful boot to our european collection. Built with the famous inhouse military MiL-1 Last, the 9087 offers a good amount of space in the front part of the shoe, whilst shaping perfectly around the wearers heel. Here, the Red Wing Shoe Company is using a Black Esquire leather with a rather shiny finish. The leather is made from hand-selected hides from our own S.B. Foot tannery that only match the hardest critera in terms of weight and quality. Futhermore, the 9087 MiL-1 Blucher Oxford is equipped with our traditional Gro-Cord outsoles developed by Red Wing in the 1920s. Overall, this oxford is very versatile. It can be worn on dressy occasions, but due to it’s strudy construction the 9087 is also a perfect everyday boot that unites all expectitions on has to the familiar Red Wing quality..

Made in Red Wing, Minnesota. USA

Style Mil-1 Blucher
Leather Black Esquire
Height Oxford
Color Black
Sole Gro Cord Sole
Care Neutral Shoe Creme & Foam Cleaner